K Brosas reveals having a bisexual ex-boyfriend

During today's episode of Kris TV, Carmina Villaroel-Legazpi cooked her sister's version of Beef Salpicao. While she was cooking, she decided to put pepper that led to another topic which is being in a relationship with gay men or "paminta."
With this, Kris said, Wala pa naman akong napatulan na ganon, to which Carmina replied, Hindi niyo naman gugustuhin yun Take it from me.However, Kris said that her sister told her before that if the man has been honest with his preferences from the start, Kris will be able to accept him for she has many close gay friends. Further, she said, We can be married and all but I guess yung ano na lang talaga, wala kayo nung intimacy, di ba,adding that they can be best friends who will travel together.
K Brosas, on the other hand, admitted that she experienced having a bisexual boyfriend. She said she knew from the start that he is bixesual for they are friends. She also shared that the reason they broke up was not because of another man, but because he went abroad. K said that he is one of the sweetest men she has ever met.    
Pokwang and Kris said that they have no objections towards that kind of relationship as long as there is honesty while K kept on saying how nice he was. Carmina, in a light-heartedly manner, said, Pinaririnigan niyo ba ko?
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