James Yap thanked Kris for praying for him to win his basketball match
On Kris TV, Kris Aquino and guest co-host Pokwang visited the culinary institution, Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok, Thailand where they met chef instructors who taught them how to cook Thai cuisines.

Before the two started cooking, Kris shared a funny story. She said that her ex-husband James Yap, whom she congratulated for winning his basketball game, sent her a thank you text message because the fans said that she prayed for his game. But then Kris said that she prayed that his basketball match would finish early so it would not interfere with the Aquino and Abunda ratings.

However, Kris also learned from her sister that day it was also James’ final basketball match. “Sabi ng ate ko, ‘Krissy, whether they win or they lose, it’s really over.’” Thus, Kris laughingly said, “So parang sinabi niya (James) na ano, natouch pa naman ako na nagpray ka.”

Pokwang also congratulated James who was awarded the Most Valuable Player in the 2014 PBA Governor’s Cup.

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