Family pet, Prada bit Bimby
While feasting on Filipino cuisines at Salusalo restaurant with K Brosas, Karla Estrada, Pokwang and “Edsa Woolworth” leading man, Lee O Brian, K teased Kris who was texting in the middle of the show.

Kris then shared that their pet Bichon Frise, Prada, bit her son, Bimby on the tummy. “Prada bit Bimb in the tummy so may konting blood so I’m checking now. Pero complete ang shots naman, yeah, that’s why I’m checking now what’s happening.”

She said that they were just playing when the dog bit her son’s tummy. She also said that they already called a doctor, “Pero tumawag na sa paediatrician and I’m checking kung kailangan ng shots o hindi. But cry siya ng cry sa phone on my way here. ‘Prada bit me, mom and there was blood.’ Sabi ko ‘let’s give him back,’” Kris laughingly said.

The dog was given by actor Derek Ramsay.

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