Edsa Woolworth” star, Steven Spohn reveals what he finds outstanding about Filipinos
The stars of the movie, “Edsa Woolworth” namely Lee O’Brian, Steven Spohn and Ricci Chan bonded with Kris Aquino, K Brosas and Karla Estrada on Kris TV today.

While dining at the Kapampangang restaurant, “Pinac,” Kris commended at how Lee puts effort in spending time with Pokwang and even compared at how the actress treats him back versus the others. “I remember because prior to you, the British, the chef, right? With Pokie. She really ignored him. He came here then they just had one dinner… and I said, ‘Hello? He flew all the way here, I think you’re supposed to spend some time.’ And then, she said no. She kept saying, ‘no, no’ so… We just feel that with you, it’s different because she’s giving it more effort.”

Hopeful for her friend, she later said, “Sana magprogress. Pagdadasal natin for Pokie” while K said, “Sana ‘wag ng umarte.” Ricci, on the other hand, teased Pokwang who was not around, “Maria Clara pala totoo niyang pangalan.” Further, they thought that Pokwang might just be fearful as she also has other responsibilities which are reasonable.

Meanwhile, Steven, who plays the role of Frank in the movie, shared that Lee was not supposed to be in the film and play the role of Chad. Ricci agreed, saying that the original actor for the role backed out so when Steven was given the parameters for the Chad role, he said he immediately thought of Lee.

When asked what the foreign actors enjoyed so far in the Philippines, Steven replied, “Courtesy and the warmth of the people. It really has been the most outstanding thing for me. Food is delicious… They’re treating us very well and it’s not because… in the hotel, for example they didn’t know that we were in this film but they treated us so well… Then when they find out of all this, you know, they just said, ‘oh, we didn’t know we had stars here… where are they? We’d like to see them…’” He also acknowledged their movie director, John-D Lazatin, saying that he is the best director he has worked with.

Lee, on the other hand, said that he had a good time touring around, such as when they went to Intramuros.  

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