A Thai called Kris an apparition
During the cooking demonstration, Pokwang asked the chef his type of woman to which he playfully replied that he likes girls with long hair but not her. The hosts simply laughed about it then Kris said that some Asian countries really prefer fair-skinned people. The chef also revealed that ten women likes him.
Later, Kris explained, "Pag magaling magluto, nakakuha ng maraming girls, pag magaling kumanta kahit hindi kagwapuhan, nakakakuha ng maraming girls, pag magaling sa sports, maraming girls. Kailangan meron kang exceptional na skill."; Further, the TV host said that the culture there prefers fair-skinned people like her. "Ang kultura nila dito di ba, gusto nila yung kaputian ko," citing an instance where somebody at a convenience store looked intently at her and said that Kris looks like an apparition.
Concluding the trip, Kris recommended Chiang Mai for people who want to go on a culinary adventure.

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