KathNiel Isang Dekada 10th anniversary

It’s been a decade since we first saw the pairing of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, and it is but fitting to see their glorious journey as the country’s foremost love team in this episode of Kathryn’s Everyday Kath vlog.

It is a retelling of their phenomenal journey first as individual artists trying to make their mark in the industry to their fateful first team-up on the 2011 youth-oriented series Growing Up. During their first project together, we learn how the friendship, attraction, courtship commenced and eventually became a real-life couple on May 25, 2012, as they went on to star in the fantasy series Princess and I.

Touching messages from their moms—Karla Estrada and Min Bernardo—lit up this episode as they reminisce how their children had grown up under their care, eventually beginning to face the glare of the spotlight as artists.

We also hear Kathryn and Daniel those kilig moments when they first laid eyes on each other, what they felt as they did their first scenes together, and had that first private encounter when they started to appreciate and like each other.

They would then discuss the realization about their growing fandom, which have increased through the years, as they meet them up close during tapings, mall shows, and events. It came to a point wherein the fans, the KathNiels, would in turn support them unconditionally through their careers inspire them to become better artists, and advocates for their causes.

Fans from all walks of life—from fangirls to fan moms—divulged in interviews how the couple and the fandom brought change to their lives and made them better persons.

Interviews with director Cathy Garcia-Molina, writer Carmi Raymundo, Daniel’s uncle Armand Cruz, the couple’s longtime friends Mark Salamat and Mark Coleta, and producer John Leo Garcia offer their perspectives on how Kathryn and Daniel matured as artists and individuals, and how their loved blossomed. They discussed how they witnessed those as they worked with them in their hit film and TV projects, such as Got To Believe, “She’s Dating The Gangster,” “Barcelona,” and “The How’s of Us.”

But a moving revelation came was when Kathryn did “Hello, Love, Goodbye,” her first movie without Daniel by her side as a co-star. In tears, she disclosed how she realized how sure she was about Daniel’s love for her, and vice versa. She said Daniel allowed her to soar to higher heights on her own, and not insisted that she would only get paired with him alone.  

Yet the most unforgettable part of this vlog are those old videos, Polaroid pics, and other images showing how they’ve grown closer, and how they’ve shared their best moments as lovers out of the public eye.

Check out more of their milestone celebrating their 10th year as a love team in this vlog on Everyday Kath.