KathNiel Magic: How this love team stays strong through the years

KathNiel Magic How this love team stays strong through the years 1


It’s definitely impossible not to fall in love with the incredible tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, which has still been going strong for seven years. 


Being in a love team is both exciting and crucial. Yes, it’s delighting to constantly work with your partner for a series of projects, however, the pressure is there to keep the flame burning and how you’re going to make it work and standout amidst the growing number of pairings being formed. Besides, there’s the incessant badgering of people about the status of your relationship.


But they are able to handle those well and endure as one of the top love teams in the local entertainment scene. 


This unbreakable bond of the Teen King and Queen is highlighted in a new dedicated page, kathniel.abs-cbn.com, which features all the digital content related to this premier love team.


To celebrate this new milestone, here are the reasons why that KathNiel magic never fades.


Their undeniable chemistry

KathNiel Magic How this love team stays strong through the years 2


The formation of KathNiel was actually unexpected, since it was Julia Montes who was initially paired up with the Teen King during their Gimik 2010 days. But their unmistakable connection was discovered when they first worked together in Growing Up and spawned to strings of successful and blockbuster projects.


In one of their media interviews, they imparted that their bashfulness that transitioned to kilig could be the vital element of their chemistry.


They are not only for reel, but for real

KathNiel Magic How this love team stays strong through the years 3

As they became each other’s constant partner through the years, everything between the Teen King and Queen became true to life. The sweetness and quirkiness they exude in portraying their characters as love interests in films and series are also apparent in their appearances off-cam.


Apart from their responses to the queries of the press during their interviews, we are also awaiting for their display of affection and uplifting words for each other. 


As a matter of fact, they also call each other “BAL”, which is their term of endearment that is a said to be a shortcut for “kambal” (or is it a palindrome of “LAB”?)


Although they are not confirming the real score between them yet, their actions absolutely speak for them.


They work as a team

KathNiel Magic How this love team stays strong through the years 4


In order for their partnership to work, the tandem definitely swears by the real essence of a loveteam. They always support and guide each other in everything they do so that the audiences could see and feel their connection on the screen.


Even in advocacies and charity work, both share their time and effort to realize their goals and objectives.


Thus, in their work on and off screen, in their personal missions or showbiz projects, we see them work hand in hand and in perfect harmony. 


They simply look good together

KathNiel Magic How this love team stays strong through the years 5


It seems that even though they do nothing, KathNiel could still set the butterflies in our stomachs aflutter and paint a smile onto our faces by just beholding them. They both radiates youthful glow and flawlessness and possess the ability to pull off anything they wear.


Although they have contrasting sense in fashion – DJ has penchant for rugged, rocker look while Kath is more of a fashionista – they appear to complement each other.


Thus, it’s understandable that their fans highly object the idea of pairing them with other artists.


Their great love for their fans


KathNiel Magic How this love team stays strong through the years 6


The devotion of the fans surely play a huge role in shaping the career path of their idols, so KathNiel never forgets to provide happiness to their shippers through the projects they do and meeting them if given the time. They even vow to continuously make them happy and proud during one of their conversations with the King of Talk in Tonight With Boy Abunda.


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