ony introduces the sweetest Golden Retriever and Alexa shows off the most photogenic Maltese on Kapet Lang

What has kept Tony Labrusca happy and calm throughout the community quarantine? Who inspired Alexa Ilacad to advocate for adopting dogs? Find out in this episode of “KaPET Lang!

Sobrang saya ko na napunta siya sa akin,” Tony said. He adopted Nala because her previous owner could not take care of her properly. This decision turned out to be a great one because she is the sweetest and kindest golden retriever. The Kapamilya actor named her Nala after watching “The Lion King.” It was too late when he remembered that lions are from the cat family. “Ang cute ng pangalan na [Nala],” he explained. Throughout the community quarantine, he finally had time to bond with them. He did not realize how busy he has become. “It’s been so much fun, always spending time with them,” he added.

Tony highly recommends golden retrievers for families. They are big and can reach food on top of tables. They also tend to chew on random items. When properly trained, however, they will prove to be one of the smartest breeds. Nala can sit, high five, shake hands, and roll over, aside from being well behaved at all times. Golden retrievers have the ability to sense energies. When Tony is mad, Nala knows how to calm him. When he is sad, she knows how to comfort him. In turn, training Nala has made Tony gentler and more patient.

On the other hand, Alexa admitted that she used to be wary of dogs. After meeting Blush, the she is now a proud fur mom and even advocates for rescue dogs, “Adopt, don’t shop.” If you are wondering where this little Maltese’s name came from, then know that she was indeed named after the makeup item.

Did you know that Blush has her own Instagram account? Alexa noticed that she would always smile and pose for photos, as if she knew what a camera is. Since then, the Kapamilya actress would buy Blush different outfits for Halloween. But this is not the only occasion they celebrate. Alexa will never forget when she hosted a birthday party for Blush. “I was feeling like a real mom,” she said. 

There was a cake, decorations, and a number of guests. “I don’t know if she knows that that was for her, but I hope she felt the love,” Alexa ended.