Seth Fedelin introduces his cutie PETmalu Whiskey on Kapet Lang

It was a case of love at first sight for Seth Fedelin and his pet Whiskey, according to the young actor himself in this episode of “KaPet Lang” streamed via OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows). Their special and adorable connection was on display as Whiskey, a long coat Chihuahua, clings unto his favorite human all throughout the show.

Seth got Whiskey just January this year. Taking us back to their first meeting, the fur dad recalls going to the pet store to look for a breed that’s gentle and easy to take care at home, a Shi Tzu perhaps. Yet all of a sudden, the moment he stepped inside the shop, Seth was instantly drawn to a cute tiny Chihuahua surrounded by other bigger dogs. “Nakita ko siya ang liit niya, super baby parang isang dangkal lang. Tapos bigla siyang tumayo na parang gusto niyang pumunta sa akin.”  

The then-stranger puppy’s eyes and actions spoke to him, like telling him that they’re the perfect match. Luckily, the feeling was mutual. Seth baptized him as Whiskey because it sounds astig.

Whiskey, whose birthday is on September 20, already has several tricks unlocked. “Nagsasaing ‘yan,” the owner says in jest. Kidding aside, Whiskey can play hide-and-seek with Seth around the house, has an impressive fetching skill, and loves taking walks along the street.  

The best part of having Whiskey around is he also bridges the bond between Seth and loveteam partner Andrea Brillantes. Just like Seth, the young actress was smitten by Whiskey and she even wanted to bring the pet home. However, Seth decided that Whiskey still needed to age a little bit more before they could allow him to explore outside.

Whiskey is always a star in Seth and Andrea’s virtual conferences during this quarantine. It might sound too quick but the fur baby Whiskey has already got a girlfriend – a female Shi Tzu owned by Andrea! It was a set-up which Set jokingly labels as arranged marriage.

Lastly, Seth compares his The Gold Squad fellows to dog breeds. He says Kyle Echarri is masculine like a Pitbull while Francine Diaz is feminine like a Poodle. And his loveteam partner Andrea, according to him, is a mix of Aspin and Shi Tzu because she’s a tough young lady and adorably cute at the same time.

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