Kyle Echarri introduces their family’s seven bulldogs on KaPet Lang

Kyle Echarri has a solid group of friends who we all know and love as The Gold Squad. Aside from them, however, he also has seven bulldogs that serve as his happy pill.

Sobrang mahilig po kami ni Papa sa mga malaking aso,” he shared. It was his father’s dream to have bulldogs. So, on Popshie Joe’s 43rd birthday, the family decided to get a male American Bully. Coincidentally, someone else gifted them with a female. When these two dogs had babies, Kyle and his family decided to keep all of puppies.

Now, the Echarris have five American Bullies and two American Bulldogs. There is Oliver and Molly, although Kyle can’t remember the story behind their names. There is also one that was given to them already named LV. Cholo, Chapo, and Pablo got their names because Popshie Joe likes Mexican names. The one with the blackest hair is named Diablo. Demon is the nicest of them. So, it was ironic to name him “Demon”.

American Bulldogs are big and close to the size of Pit Bulls. American Bullies, on the other hand, are smaller but still stocky. “Para po silang mga maliliit na karabaw,” Kyle described. Every other day, they had to be taken out for a walk around their subdivision. Bulldogs need exercise because they are prone to heart attacks. They eat a lot and so have a lot of energy. This makes them too excited sometimes. Some people are scared of bulldogs because they seem aggressive. Although, Kyle clarified that they are a misunderstood breed. “They don’t bite. They’re just very excited,” he explained. 

“Dogs really make you feel loved. They know when you’re feeling down,” Kyle continued. The first ever dog they had was Star the Labrador Retriever and she changed the Kapamilya singer’s life. They were born in the same year and practically grew up together. His first heartbreak was when she passed away. “I really cried kasi I really wanted to spend her last days with her, but I couldn’t,” he remembered.

Now, he has Demon. The former The Voice Kids artist recounted coming home late exhausted from work but a walk with Demon helped him relax. “Nararamdaman po yata niyang sad ako noon. So, he stopped on the side. Tapos I sat next to him. Tapos nagpapalambing po siya sa akin,” he shared.

If his fellow Gold Squad members were dogs, Seth Fedelin is not be a specific breed, but he would be street smart. Andrea Brillantes would be a Shih Tzu because she prefers the indoors and love affection. Meanwhile, Francine Diaz would be a Pomeranian. “May pagkamaarte na feisty,” he joked.