Doris Bigornia and her daughter Nikki officially introduce their now famous cats on KaPet Lang

It was supposed to be a serious interview about the re-opening of malls amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, it became a worldwide viral video of a cat fight. So, in this episode of “KaPet Lang,” Doris Bigornia and her daughter Nikki are officially introducing their now famous cats!

The eldest is seven-year-old Edward the Puspin who was found on their house’s roof. Initially, Doris was reluctant to adopt a cat, but Nikki insisted on rescuing him. “I made a compromise, if she is still there by tomorrow then we get her,” the journalist shared. The next day, Edward was still on the roof and officially became family.

Edward was followed by Bella the mix Persian cat. Then there was Simba, another rescued Puspin, who they found along a highway. The youngest is two-year-old Nala the Bengal. As their family went through challenges, their cats were a source of happiness and comfort. “Sila talaga ang nag-save sa amin,” Doris added.

When Doris had to set up a Zoom interview at home, she chose the best room for the broadcast. Because cats are naturally territorial, she respected their space and allowed them to enter the room even during interviews. This led to Bella and Nala’s cat fight getting caught on camera. “Hindi ko ma­-cut ‘yung interview kasi nagsasalita. I would have found it really rude kung ika-cut ko dahil lang nag-aaway ‘yung mga pusa sa likod ko,” she explained.

Worried that they might jump on the laptop, Doris tried to ask Nikki for help using eye contact. Although, Nikki had other plans. “Nung nakikita ko sila mas gusto ko silang panuorin kaysa tulungan si mommy,” she joked. When the clip of the cat fight was posted on social media, they did not expect it to go viral. It was even mentioned in international news programs and articles. Doris is simply thankful to be praised for being professional.

After an exhausting day, her cats can relieve all of her stress. “Everyone knows kung papaano ko magalit, but sa mga pusa you turn into a marshmallow,” the Kapamilya journalist admitted. Doris and Nikki can only hope that their cats will be with them forever, “they are such cherished part of this family.”