Donny Pangilinan introduces Kiwi the Maltese on KaPet Lang

Did you know that the Maltese is a hypoallergenic breed? This makes them ideal for dog lovers who have dog allergies just like Donny Pangilinan! But how did the Kapamilya star end up with a Maltese? He shared their journey in this episode of OKS’ (Online Kapamilya Shows)KaPET Lang”!

When Ella Pangilinan’s pet Katri gave birth 10 years ago, one of the puppies was given to Donny. He will never forget the day Kiwi was born because it was New Year’s Eve! Their family drove around trying to look for an available veterinarian while fireworks were still going off in the sky. Their small bodies require a cesarean delivery because a natural birth is too risky. At the time, a 12-year-old Donny could only cry out of worry.

“Dogs add so much value to our lives,” he continued. Some of the tricks that Kiwi can do is open doors, escape her cage, and even stand on her hindlegs. Although, they are unsure how she learned to do these. More importantly, she loves the Kapamilya actor unconditionally! This is no surprise since the two have an adorable bond. When Donny is home, Kiwi never leaves his side.

“I can’t imagine the Pangilinan family without the three dogs,” he said. They are present during every holiday and family gathering. They even get presents on occasion. One Christmas, Donny bought Kiwi a bed, clothes, and a lot of food. Whenever he is out of town, he can’t help but miss her and wonder what she is doing. So, this community quarantine has been a chance for them to spend every single day together.

Will you consider a Maltese as your next best friend like Donny?