Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford share how having pets make them excited to be actual parents

“Kapag iritang irita na si Coleen sa akin, ang happy pill niya ‘yung mga pets,” he joked.

If you are planning to be a cat mom or cat dad, there are a variety of breeds that suit different lifestyles. For Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford, Anya the Sphynx cat was the perfect match. These fierce felines are unique because of their hairless skin. Unfortunately, their physical appearance has caused some misconceptions. So, for this episode of Online Kapamilya Shows’ (OKS)KaPet Lang” the married couple revealed what it is truly like to live with a sphynx cat! 

Anya was Billy’s gift to Coleen for their first anniversary. Surprisingly, Billy is actually allergic to cats. But because she is a cat lover, he did his research and discovered hairless cats. Although, a sphynx still produces some allergens, they are relatively more tolerable and safer compared to other breeds.

One of the biggest misconceptions about them is that they are scary. “Mukha silang evil,” Coleen added. On top of that, their tail looks the same as a mouse’s tail. In reality, however, these four-legged friends are the absolute sweetest. “Once you actually get close to them, sobrang malambig sila,” he shared.

Because of the hairless skin, sphynx cats have sensitive bodies. They require regular baths, otherwise they will start to feel oily which will cause dirt to cling on to them. Coleen and Billy are also strict about them staying inside the house. If they go outside, there is a scary risk of them getting sunburned.

Their breed is usually lazy during the day, but active at night. So, the Kapamilya stars started watching CCTV footage to see what their pets do. “Nagtataka kami kung bakit nakakapasok ‘yung mga pusa namin sa mga kwarto namin,” he said. At one point, their house help thought there was a ghost. Eventually, they discovered that Somie, Anya’s child, can open and close doors.

Anya and the rest of their sphynx clowder have been part of the Crawford family. “Hindi ko kaya ng wala sila,” she confessed. Currently, Billy and Coleen are excited to have a baby. Until then, their pets are their babies.

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