Angelica Panganiban introduces her feline baby Cindy

While some of us have our friends to keep us company during the community quarantine, others have their four-legged friends. So, for the first episode of KaPET Lang, Angelica Panganiban shared how Cindy changed her life and how they help each other cope during this pandemic.

Cindy the Scottish Fold cat was a gift from one of her bestfriends director Andoy Ranay. That same year, Angelica starred in the movie “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes” as Cindy Reyes. “Cute na cute ako sa pangalan na Cindy,” she said. As much as she wanted to name her future child “Cindy,” their family has a tradition of names starting in “A” like Angelica. “Baka i-disown ako ng family ‘pag hindi ko sila sinunod kaya sa pusa ko na lang pinangalan si Cindy. Parang baby ko rin naman,” she explained.

Before Cindy came into her life, the Kapamilya star was more of a dog person. In fact, she had seven dogs. Luckily, when a cat joined her family, the little feline had no problem adjusting. “Pagdating na pagdating niya sa bahay as in siya na ‘yung nag-reign,” she shared.

Cats are naturally territorial but also clingy. “Kapag mahaba ‘yung mga pa-zoom meetings, dadaan talaga ‘yan dito, magpapapansin siya,” Angelica continued. Everywhere she goes in the house, what she does, Cindy is next to her, “Hanggang pagtulog ko siya ‘yung kasama ko.” Whenever she has to travel, Cindy blocks the door.

During the community quarantine, Cindy has been Angelica’s main source of entertainment. They have heart to heart talks and sometimes act out scenarios because she misses acting so much. They only fight when its bath time for Cindy. Now after spending over two months together at home, whenever the versatile actress has to leave the house for a few hours, she immediately misses her cat.

Becoming a cat mom was a life changing experience! Angelica has no doubt that she and Cindy were meant to be together. If you enjoyed this episode of KaPET Lang, then do not miss all the other new shows courtesy of Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS)