‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ returns to Kapamilya Gold

The funny love story between an ordinary guy and a mythical creature called ‘gumiho’ returns in afternoon TV as ABS-CBN, in celebration of its more than a decade of being the first and true home of Asianovelas, brings back the hit Koreanovela My Girlfriend is a Gumiho beginning Monday (Mar 17). 

The series hasn’t started yet but it already landed among the top Twitter trending topics worldwide recently after netizens tweeted it upon seeing a teaser plug aired on ABS-CBN. 

Re-experience the romance and relive the 100 days spent by Dae Woong with Mi Ho to return a favor after the gumiho saved his life. 

As Dae Woong gets to know Mi Ho more, he falls in love with her despite the odd fact that she is a nine-tailed fox guised as a beautiful woman.  

But Mi Ho’s desire to become a normal human being gets in the way and after their 100-day long pact, Dae Woong’s life must end before Mi Ho gets what she’s been wanting for in her eternal life. 

Don’t miss My Girlfriend is a Gumiho beginning Monday (Mar 17), 5:15 PM, after Galema: Anak ni Zuma on Kapamilya Gold. Asianovela fans must also watch out for ABS-CBN’s ultimate throwback as it re-runs the Asianovela that started it all, Meteor Garden, very soon.