How did Ana Manuela end?
On Ana Manuela, the two sisters have finally reconciled. Ana, who was released from the hospital, had a reunion with her grandmother, Manuela, Rodrigo and Julia in their house. Ana and Julia even exchanged gifts for each other.

As time went by, they were able to live their separate lives yet still bounded by their love for Julia. Unfortunately, Julia got terribly ill. Rodrigo, Manuela and Ana explained to their daughter her treatment that a piece of Manuela’s liver has to be transferred to her.

Narrated by Manuela, she shared how their lives turned out. She still acknowledged Eva and that Ana and doctor Lucio ended up together.   

The next part was then narrated by Rodrigo, he shared how he felt for Ana through the years and then the present. Ana also shared how he felt for him, saying that they are now ready to move on with their lives.

Their story ended well with the two couples, Manuela and Rodrigo and Ana and Dr. Lucio, bonding with their daughter, Julia.

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