Ana shows signs of life
On Ana Manuela, Manuela apologizes to Ana for falling in love with Rodrigo unexpectedly as she feels that she is betraying her sister. Further, she asked for Ana’s blessing now that she is starting to build a family with Rodrigo and Julia.

Fast forward to two years later, Manuela’s grandparents visited her, Rodrigo and Julia in their renovated home. It was also Ana’s birthday and so the five of them visited her in the hospital. Julia kissed her mother and gave her a birthday gift while Manuela told her good news.

When the family was about to leave, they ran into Eva whom Julia refused to recognize as her grandmother. Manuela called Julia’s attention but Eva shrugged it off, saying that the child is right. When Rodrigo took Julia out of the confrontation, Eva got mad at Manuela for Julia addressed her as “Mama.”

Later, while Eva was lying beside Ana, she felt her daughter squeeze her hand. She then talked to Ana and asked her to squeeze her hand again if she can hear her, to which Ana did. Eva cried joyful tears.

Is this a sign that Ana will wake up soon?

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