Manuela sees Rodrigo with another girl
On Ana Manuela, Jonas got mad after learning that Eva gave birth to a child too soon after they broke up. His family even suspected that he could be the baby’s father. However, he admitted that he had undergone a vasectomy already, much to his current partner’s dismay as she still wants to have a family. Furthermore, Jonas has cut Eva’s monthly allowance.  

Ana and Manuela introduced Julia to their grandmother as Eva’s daughter and their sibling. Their grandmother did not seem to believe them and confronted Eva that she knows the truth and it pains her.

Meanwhile, Victoria reprimanded Ana for losing in her tennis tournament. Ana has had enough and chided her for leaving her own daughter, Alicia, who Victoria denied knowing.

The next day, Alicia got angry at Ana for telling Victoria her secret. To make things worse, Ana also saw Rodrigo holding hands with someone new. Good thing, Manuela never fails to uplift her sister’s spirit.

What will Ana do next for her child?

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