Ana, Manuela and Julia’s life-changing accident happens
On Ana Manuela, Rodrigo overheard Ana saying that Julia is her daughter while arguing with Eva. Thus, he started to research and suspected that he might be the father of Julia.

Meanwhile, Ana won in her tennis tournament and got excited as she will finally execute her plan to move out of her mother’s pad with Manuela and Julia. She planned to admit to the public that she has a daughter. She and Rodrigo also agreed to talk and settle everything between them.

At midnight, Ana and Manuela took Julia with them as they escaped and drove to their grandmother’s house. Their grandmother however kept on having premonitions of Ana drowning in water. At first, Ana got emotional and felt sorry for leaving their mother.

Manuela enlightened her and soon, Ana was determined again to start their life anew. However, they encountered a serious car accident, with the sisters’ car getting submerged in the lake. Ana became unconscious while Manuela hurriedly saved Julia. A man, who saw the accident happen, saved Ana.

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