SethDrea Compatibility Test

They are a love team on the rise! From the afternoon drama Kadenang Ginto to the iWant original movie “Wild Little Love,” Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes are quickly establishing themselves as a tandem to look out for. As an added bonus, fans get to see their chemistry off set thanks to the Gold Squad vlogs. Now, on Kapamilya Chat, we are checking to see just how tight SethDrea’s compatibility is!

When it comes to spending, she is undoubtedly stingy. “Kuripot,” Seth teased. Andrea herself cannot deny that she prefers to save her money. According to Kyle, she also tends to ask other people for food but does not share her own. As for something that easily annoys her, apparently it is late replies which Seth seems all too familiar with. For some reason, he is usually asleep whenever she texts him. In his defense, he is not constantly on his phone.

On the other hand, one fun fact about Seth is that he would much rather spend time at a beach rather than up in a mountain. Andrea knew this because he grew up around water because of his family’s business. This is only one of the many things that make him happy. “Lagi ‘tong ngumingiti,” she described him. It was hard for them to think of what makes Seth the happiest, but eventually they listed some items down. Andrea mentioned that his achievements in life and seeing his family in Cavite are at the top of the list. Seth thinks that any time he puts a smile on someone’s face makes him happy.

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