KyCine says “Of course, meron” or “Wala pero gusto ko” in happy playtime on Showbiz Pa More

KyCine lovers and shippers, we have an ultimate treat for you! We’ve got Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz playing the “Of course meron, wala pero gusto ko” game in Showbiz Pa More with host DJ Jhai Ho. In this game, Kyle and Francine will choose between “of course meron” and “wala pero gusto ko,” and then afterwards DJ Jhai will pick something which in reality they might or might not have.

First they picked, “wala pero gusto ko,” then DJ Jhai Ho showed a piece of paper showing “hataw moves.” Francine said confirmed not having it but reiterated Kyle does show those moves. The teen heartthrob said it’s only true when he feels like doing it or he’s in the mood to do it.

Next, they opted for “of course, meron.” DJ Jhai Ho then flashed “golden voice” and Kyle teased that Francine indeed has it especially when she tried to sing “Nasa Puso,” the theme song of their teleserye Kadenang Ginto.

In the last round, Kyle chose “of course, meron” while Francine settled for “wala pero gusto ko.” When DJ Jhai Ho showed “one million pesos,” Francine affirmed that she didn’t really have that much money, joking she only has “one peso” with her. Kyle revealed his choice was wrong and said he wishes he really has that amount.

Despite the lull in actual drama projects, Kyle and Francine remain connected and busy. They have been involved in the production of videos on their YouTube channel, The Gold Squad with fellow squad mates Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin. Here, you can view their past and most recent vlogs, media conferences, activities they have done during the quarantine, and everything about these phenomenal young stars from Kadenang Ginto.

Catch more of the fun with Kyle and Francine in the “Of course meron, wala pero gusto ko” game on JeepneyTV’s Showbiz Pa More in this video.