Kapamilya Spotlight: KyCine thrill, captivate us with their memorable kilig interviews

There’s definitely no doubt that Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz are among the most influential teen stars of their generation, as well as one of the hottest loveteams in the local entertainment scene at present, after capturing our hearts with their unmistakable chemistry in the now-defunct afternoon soap opera Kadenang Ginto.

From being mere co-stars and on-screen partners, we’ve witnessed how their cohesive bond transcended in real life and they became the best of friends, as seen on their appearances in ABS-CBN talk shows. And as they mark the second anniversary of their team-up this year, we collated clips of their kilig guestings in this episode of Kapamilya Spotlight.

They might have been reiterating that there’s nothing romantic yet going on between them or they haven’t put their relationship yet to the next level, but we couldn’t help but notice how sweet KyCine (or what their tandem is fondly called) is with one another on-and-off-screen.

Just like in their appearance together in Magandang Buhay in July 2019 wherein they disclosed that they are one of each other’s truest friends, to whom they can share their happy moments and they can run to in times of trouble. We were also surprised to see Francine consoling Kyle with hugs as he turned emotional while pouring his heart out to the momshie-hosts.

Besides, they even have pet names for each other – with the young actress calling him “Panda” because of how “big and fluffy” he is, while the young singer-actor calling her “Chinny” that is derived from her nickname and her distinct chin – which they revealed in an episode of Tonight With Boy Abunda in December 2019.

That was also on that same appearance wherein Francine confirmed that she used to have a crush on Kyle when he was still part of The Voice Kids Season 2!

However, did you know that sparks actually didn’t fly on the very first time that they met? In their earlier guesting, they recounted to the King of Talk Boy Abunda what their first impression was to one another, with Francine being timid while Kyle being indifferent.

They eventually got closer as they’re always together on the set of Kadenang Ginto not just during takes, but even behind the scenes. They divulged that they slowly opened up to each other and were able to build a strong friendship, and there were even instances that the emotions of their characters Cassie and Kristoff rubbed off to them.

As the public puts color to their closeness, Francine clarified in an exclusive interview with TWBA that they’re just best friends and Kyle is not courting her as they both agreed to focus on their respective careers, families, and selves for now.  

Even though that’s the case, the two teen stars gave their avid shippers hope when they told their fans during their Magandang Buhay guesting that there’s a probability for them to be a couple later in life as they get swayed by the emotions elicited by their characters.

And to further make you more “hopia” or hopeful, they revealed that Kyle already introduced Francine to his circle of celebrity friends and their families had already met and get along with one another very well.

With the continuous love and support of their fans, we’re certain that KyCine is going to last long and be very successful in the industry. So, don’t you ever miss their next projects okay?