Kapamilya Spotlight: How SethDrea thrills fans with on and off cam chemistry

She started out in the industry as a sought-after and talented child star. Meanwhile, his ticket to show business is by joining the latest edition of Pinoy Big Brother. Yet, the universe amazingly still made a way for the paths of Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin to intertwine, and even catapulted them into becoming the hottest teen stars and loveteam of their generation.

As we arguably found ourselves already irritated with her kontrabida character Marga in Kadenang Ginto, it was Seth’s Mikoy who brought out her admirable and cheerful facet. However, little did we know that the same goes in real life, not because Andrea has an unpleasant personality, but she disclosed in their Magandang Buhay guesting in July 2019 that it was Seth who lights up her world.

Aside from being their ball of sunshine on the set because of his unmistakable sense of humor and funny quirks, it was also Seth who consoled her during those times that she was sad due to her grandfather’s illness and eventual demise. He did this by not only staying by her side, but also giving her words of encouragement, checking her out from time-to-time, and making her laugh, which she highly appreciated.

There, we could see how their relationship bloomed from being mere colleagues to becoming ‘special’ friends who seem to be always present in the sad moments and momentous milestones in each other’s life. In fact, Seth invited her to the birthday celebration of his sibling and the blessing of his car, which they recounted in their interview in Tonight With Boy Abunda in November 2019. Through that event, she was able to get to meet his whole family and get to know each other better and build their dreams together.

On the other hand, he has also established a bond with Andrea’s mom, who he considers as his second mom in the absence of his real mom by his side, as he’s able to persuade her to allow her daughter to attend the said family affair in Cavite.

Just in case that isn’t kilig enough, perhaps the tremendous effort of Seth to make her on-screen partner happy in one of her most favorite ‘holidays’ – Valentine’s Day – by setting up a surprise intimate date for her would make you say, “Sana all!”

On that same TWBA guesting, the two also clarified the real meaning behind their pet name “ALI”. While others say that it’s an acronym for “Akin Lamang Ikaw,” it is actually synonymous to “buddy” for them (perhaps, it’s their way of spelling “ally”). We would like to believe that it’s just something friendly, but knowing that they have special feelings for each other, not to mention Seth revealing that Andrea is his crush (and phone wallpaper before!) and that he plans to pursue her, we know that they’re relationship is already on the next level. And Andrea confirmed this in her solo interview on TWBA by standing on the “ka-date” mark of the show’s “relationship meter”.

Moreover, as avid Pinoy showbiz fans have been tagging them as the “next KathNiel”, the two admitted that it’s actually an honor for them, especially to Andrea who proudly confessed being a fan of the top on-and-off-screen pair half of her life. But, at the same time, they also wanted to create their own name and mark in the industry. The young actress went on to divulge that she actually prayed to have her own Daniel Padilla too, who will be her companion in her showbiz journey, which is seemingly coming true in Seth.

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