Dimples, Beauty share healthy yet affordable sardines recipes in KG Online

From teaching us simple workout routines in the first episode, iconic on-screen rivals Romina Mondragon (Beauty Gonzalez) and Daniela Bartolome (Dimples Romana) gave viewers of the Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) program “KG Online” two different healthy yet affordable canned sardine recipes that they can easily do with the use of readily available ingredients.

With canned sardines being the staple content of the relief packs being distributed by local government units and private organizations as the country has been placed in quarantine for more than two months now, many of us have surely run out of ideas how to put a different twist to it. Thankfully, they’re here to the rescue via Kusinang Ginto.

First off was Daniela, who enthusiastically (and still in style!) demonstrated how to prepare Sardine Balls that can be eaten as it is or can be also mixed in soups or pasta dishes. Romina’s turn came afterwards, in which she showed how to cook Sotanghon Sardines Soup with Vegetables that’s definitely perfect for those who love soupy viands and in the anticipated rainy season. She also tagged her unica hija Olivia as her adorable assistant!

We’re not going to bore you with the details on how they cooked these dishes, so we suggest that you click on the play button! These recipes may be affordable and have simple ingredients; however, these are still sure-winners since these are not only delicious, but nutritious as well.

As soon as their “kitchen showdown” concluded, Romina found a mystery box at their doorstep that she later on learned was from Daniela. Fearing that it contains a bomb, just like the birthday cake that her evil stepdaughter sent to her before, Romina hesitated to open it until Daniela called and confirmed that it’s only her Sardine Balls.

They then proceeded on the Karunungang Ginto segment, wherein they relayed a few tips on how to have a safe grocery shopping – creating a checklist and completing them the fastest way possible, refraining from bringing another companion or chatting with a friend or an acquaintance while inside the store, and washing the items you bought in running water thoroughly.

In the “KG-Go” segment, they showed that our beloved Kapamilyas currently staying in Quezon City Memorial Circle under the care of the city’s Social Services Development Department also received the food packs the Kadenang Ginto team specially prepared.

The iconic rivals capped off the program by expressing their fervent wish for this pandemic to be finally over and for us to also conquer the current battle the network is currently in. 

Romina was apparently holding back her emotions as she uttered how much they already miss the Kapamilya viewers and asked for the continuous support and prayers of everyone who believes in ABS-CBN. As she exited, Daniela craftily warned that she will make sure to defeat her on their next face-off.

Watch Dimples and Beauty reprise their famous characters Daniela and Romina, respectively, on “KG Online” that can be streamed live every Wednesday on OKS.abs-cbn.com!