Beauty, Dimples share beauty tips in KG Onlinef

After sharing their basic workout routines and easy-to-prepare and budget-friendly sardines recipes in the past two episodes of “KG Online,” the unlikely tandem of Romina Mondragon and Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome, compellingly portrayed by seasoned actresses Beauty Gonzales and Dimples Romana respectively, are back this week to impart their simple beauty hacks that can be done at home!

For the third episode of “KG Online,” tagged as “Kagandahang Ginto”, the two taught viewers how to make homemade skin and hair care products out of the ingredients that are easily available at our kitchens!

Demonstrating how to produce an exfoliator out of water warm, brown sugar, and coconut oil, Beauty reminded us how doing facial scrubs definitely helps in achieving healthy skin by shedding off dead skin cells, especially to the older ones.

On the other hand, Dimples bared the secret behind her strong tresses by teaching us how to create a deep cleansing hair mask out of mayonnaise, lemon/calamansi juice, apple cider vinegar, and water. She then told viewers how moisturizing the scalp and hair prevents production of excess oils and possible hair loss.

Snippets of their intense clashes on Kadenang Ginto were also replayed in between the sequences, might as well showing off their playful yet convincing bickering and doing their virtual sampalan and sabunutan. But in the end, they reminded one another of their truce and made peace.

Moving on to the “Karunungang Ginto” segment, Dimples revealed another secret to achieving healthy and strong crowning glory aside from shampoo and conditioner – by eating iron-rich foods, such as red meat, chicken, and fish, and natural sources of vitamin C, such as broccoli, orange, sweet potato, and papaya.

Meanwhile, Beauty reminded that although we’re currently stuck at home, we should not forget to watch our diet as the food greatly affects the health of our skin. She advised consuming healthy fats that can be obtained from fish, avocado, nuts, and seeds for these are natural skin moisturizers.

Just like in the previous episodes, the Kadenang Ginto team once again gave away food packages to our Kapamilyas who are currently staying at Quezon City Memorial Circle under the care of the city’s Social Services Development Department, as shown in the “KG-Go” segment.

They also hinted that they’re about to feature on the next episode the family bonding activities that we can do at the comforts of our homes!

However, just when we thought that the episodes was already over, many of us were arguably startled that the reel kept on rolling and we saw that Romina received a video call from her ever-dependable secretary and bestfriend Bonita (Kat Galang), who was revealed to be the one to relay the skin care hack she just imparted.

Daniela, on the other, was seen talking with Manang Esther (Susan Africa) through the phone and furiously relating to her her on-going fight with her stepmom. Being the straitlaced that she’s always been, Manang Esther advised her to just cut it off and forget about it. Instead of enlightening her, that advice from her nanny seemingly conjured an evil idea to Daniela’s mind as the ruthless kontrabida brandished a cutter and uttered threatening to cut Romina’s bright future.

What will Daniela do to Romina? Let’s all find out by watching the upcoming episode of “KG Online,” next week on OKS.abs-cbn.com!