WATCH: Beauty, Dimples reveal why playing Romina, Daniela in Kadenang Ginto was life-changing

Considered the most talked about and celebrated teleserye rivals in the past 16 months of Kadenang Ginto’s top-rating run, Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome and Romina Mondragon might be two “gladiators” ready to fight it off in the end.

But the two actresses who played the roles share a relationship nothing close to the confrontations and the skirmishes they depict onscreen. It’s a friendship they would even look back in tears as Dimples Romana and Beauty Gonzalez seem to cherish those precious moments they spent working for the immensely successful show.

In sharing their “Golden Memories” in this video, Dimples and Beauty reveal how their characters affected their personal lives, and became the turning point in their respective careers. They also share some insights in how they played their roles, and how they relate to their characters and what they learned from them.

Beauty would be very thankful for the chance to prove her worth as an actress, and for the attention her character and the show received from the viewing public. Dimples would also tearfully look back at how difficult yet fulfilling her role is given how people appreciate it, and how she deeply connects with the character’s journey in doing it all for the family.

They would impart a strong and deep bond as friends, with Beauty, who admits being an “introvert,” even wishing she would have more time with Dimples given the lost opportunities of getting closer since they had to play characters that were always at odds.

Dimples also pointed out that she should not be solely attributed for the success of her character, but also her co-actors, director, producers and the creative team who pieced together the role.

Beauty capped the interview by saying how thankful how the show’s success made a difference in their lives. With Kadenang Ginto’s huge following, Beauty said she felt proud for herself, Dimples, and the whole team with their accomplishments.

Catch Dimples and Beauty’s final face-off as Daniela and Romina in Kadenang Ginto’s “Battle of the Dragons” finale on Friday, February 7.