WATCH: Andrea and Francine look back on their Kadenang Ginto journey

Their characters might have been the stiffest rivals in Kadenang Ginto, but Francine Diaz and Andrea Brillantes apparently both agree that portraying Cassie Mondragon and Marga Bartolome, respectively, was indeed a great challenge for them.

In this video titled “Golden Memories”, the two young stars reminisced their unforgettable journey in doing the afternoon soap opera by relating their unforgettable experiences and the valuable lessons they’ve learned.

Comparing her stint as Cassie to a “rollercoaster” ride, Francine revealed how he used to get scared initially for she didn’t know how she would play it well nor how to execute the small details of her character – from the way she would talk, smile, or walk.

On the other hand, Andrea imparted how the weight of depicting Marga literally gave her “everyday headaches” as it required her to always be aggressive and have her forehead furrowed most of the time. Even though it’s only recently that her portrayal got lighter, she’s still glad for her role has enabled her to do more, to experiment, and to show the viewers her versatility.  

“Ngayon pa lang gumagaan, pero masaya siya kasi ang dami kong nagawa, dami kong na-experiment, at mas naipakita ko rin ‘yong kung hanggang saan kaya kong umarte sa mga tao. Mas napatunayan ko rin sa kanila na kaya ko ang dalawa – maging mabait at maging kontrabida,” she stated.

When it comes to their learnings they gained from their respective characters, Francine said that Cassie has taught her to be understanding to others and it’s better to be the one who would be hurt rather than being the one to inflict pain.

“Sa sobrang caring niya, sa sobrang pagmamahal niya sa mga tao sa paligid niya, pinapahalagahan niya rin ‘yon nang sobra-sobra. Ayaw niyang masaktan, ayaw niyang makitang umiiyak, gusto niya palaging masaya. Ako kasi nega ako dati. Tapos nagkaroon ako ng [positivity] dahil kay Cassie. Love na love ko ‘yan si Cassie. Tinulungan niya ako sa maraming bagay,” she conveyed. 

Meanwhile, Andrea emphasized that what portraying Marga has instilled to her are actually reminders not to be like her – to not to step on others for the sake of self-gain, to always choose to be the one getting hurt than being the one giving it, and to be humble. At the same time, it has also made her realize that it’s always fun to be positive, to help others than to drag anyone down, and to accept that it’s not everytime that she would win. 

As they were cladded in traditional Greek warrior costumes in this interview and in the finale teaser, we’re certain that they are indeed going to give us a totally intense and fiery ending. 

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