PAANDAR 2019: Ang mga tambalang nabuo sa Kadenang Ginto

In the past year, Kadenang Ginto has consistently made our afternoon viewing scorching because of the intense scenes among its continually warring lead characters. However, it didn’t fall short in serving us kilig vibes as well through the endearing romances that were formed among the characters.

As 2019 is about to close, let’s take a look on the romances of the show that we’ve been strongly shipping in this feature.

Team MarKoy (Mikoy and Marga)

For sure, a lot of young people out there could relate to the romantic affair of these young lovers who have been thrilling us with their adorable love-hate relationship. Despite coming from extremely different walks of life, his lowly status didn’t hinder Mikoy (Seth Fedelin) from expressing his affection towards the affluent Marga (Andrea Brillantes), although unrequited. He consistently stayed by her side and helped her throughout everything, even though she’d been crabby towards him and she always pushed him away, not to mention initially conniving with him to pretend as her wealthy suitor. He’s been her vent buddy and her knight-in-shining-armor who’s always willing to do everything just to make her happy and rescue her in times of trouble.

Not long after, Marga has apparently learned to love him back and to appreciate all his efforts, which led her to finally confessing that she likes him too. They eventually became a couple, which unfortunately got short-lived because of her parents’ objections.

Is there going to be a second chance for them? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes.

Team CassToff (Cassie and Kristoff)

Another young couple that truly won our hearts is Team CassToff. Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Kristoff (Kyle Echarri) are relatable as they started out as childhood sweethearts, whose bond was strengthened by their longtime friendship.

Just like how Mikoy is to Marga, Kristoff has always been there for Cassie through the ups and downs of life. He’s been her shoulder to cry on and Prince Charming who is always ready to listen to her outbursts and advise and console her whenever she has problems. Both of them actually used to have a huge crush towards one another, which eventually bloomed into a cute romantic affair that never failed to make us terribly kilig and yearn for more scenes from them.

They might be in the cool-off stage at present, but we’re delighted to see that they have remained friends and we’re hoping to see them back in each other’s arms when the right time comes.

Team RoRo (Robert and Romina)

An affair that started out professionally, we’ve witnessed how Robert (Albert Martinez) and Romina’s (Beauty Gonzalez) relationship flourished from mere employee-boss to husband-and-wife.

However, their smooth-sailing romance that we all totally admired and dreamt of got into rough waves and tumultuous storms as his deepest, darkest secret was recently unraveled – he’s the real suspect behind her rape many years ago, which gave her Cassie. Even though Robert has been sincere about his love for her, as he even proposed to her for them to tie the knot for the second time, it didn’t change Romina’s decision to punish the culprit because of how the crime completely tainted her reputation.

Now that Robert’s dead, we’re hoping that Romina and the rest of his loved ones would never forget the good things he did in spite of the grave sin he committed.

Team DaHec (Daniela and Hector)

Instead of getting terrified with their tandem, many of us oddly found the notorious team-up of villains Daniela (Dimples Romana) and Hector (Joko Diaz) kilig¬-inducing as they’re literally partners-in-crime.

They might have a lot of failed missions that often irked Daniela, but she would always find herself going back to Hector to ask for his service. Even though there are times that she tends to get irrational, he would still willingly heed to her demands not solely because of money, but of his unrequited love for her. At the same time, there were instances when her heart softened as she would also do something for him, such as helping him prepare for his unica hija Roxanne’s grand birthday celebration.

Team CoSsie (Paco and Cassie)

While Cassie and Kristoff are still not together yet, a young man attempted to get in between them – Paco (Louise Abuel), the estranged son of Hector’s cousin Leon (Richard Yap). He became very close with Cassie and did everything to help and be around her, which truly displeased Kristoff and often got them involved in scuffles. As we found their one-upmanship adorable, it actually annoyed her as she always sent them away. 

As we all know, they almost became half-siblings when their parents, Romina and Leon, had a romantic affair. Despite their parents’ breakup, that didn’t affect their friendship as Paco and Cassie were still able to count on each other whatever happens.

So which pair Kadenang Ginto pair brought tremendous kilig to your 2019 and you’re hoping to see more next year?