8 motherly traits we can actually learn from Daniela in Kadenang Ginto

Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome (Dimples Romana) can be really vicious, but no one can deny that she tries her best to be a responsible and caring mother to Marga (Andrea Brillantes).

Amid the debauchery, there are commendable motherly qualities we can actually learn from Daniela. Here are some of them.

She conceals her pain to keep Marga from worrying

Daniela would always keep a tough front and hide all her pain to keep Marga from worrying about all the problems that beset their family. Daniela would try to resolve their problems without letting Marga know about it because she wouldn’t want her to be affected by it.

She attends PTA meetings in Marga’s school

One of the many ways that a parent can show their love for their children is by attending the Parent-Teacher Meetings in their school. Daniela may not always have time for Marga but she makes it a point to attend the PTA meetings in Maxwell to keep in touch with her daughter’s teachers and know Marga’s academic performance.

She boosts up Marga’s confidence

Although we can see that she tends to boost Marga’s confidence too much at times, Daniela still does what other moms will also do for their daughters. In her own ways, Daniela lets her daughter know that for her, Marga will always be the best.

She assures Marga that she will do anything and everything to secure her future

When it came to a point where she and her husband Carlos couldn’t hide the truth anymore about being broke, Daniela still tried her best to diminish Marga’s worries. Letting her daughter grow up in a fancy way, Daniela knew that she had to at least assure her daughter that she will find a way to secure their future.

She is ready to lower down her pride for Marga

Despite all the pride that runs through Daniela’s veins, she is actually always ready to be humble just for her daughter’s sake. She is ready to go out of her way and do the things she’s uncomfortable with just to make sure that Marga is well.

She looks out for Marga

As a mother, Daniela is wise enough to know how to look out for her daughter. When she sees that Marga’s acts will lead to bad things, she prevents it from happening. Daniela gives Marga strong precautions which shows that she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer in any possible way.

She disciplines Marga whenever she feels that her daughter needs it

Yes, Daniela spoils her daughter. But when she sees that Marga is being disobedient to her, Daniela knows how to make her daughter realize the wrongful deed that she has done. Daniela is ready to give disciplinary actions whenever Marga is becoming unruly, especially towards her and Carlos.

She prays for her Marga’s safety

Like every mother would feel, Daniela hates it so much when she cannot do anything to save her daughter from potential danger. Thus, she knew that crying out to the Lord for help is one of the best things she can do to ensure her daughter’s safety. She might seem to be so bad, yet Daniela knows when to pray.

Certainly, no matter how bad Daniela may be, she will always be a loving mother who is willing to do everything and fight for the welfare of her daughter Marga.