How Romina showed unconditional motherly love for Cassie in Kadenang Ginto

Since the beginning, Romina Andrada-Mondragon (Beauty Gonzalez) has endured so many painful situations in Kadenang Ginto. She was abandoned by her fiancé, was raped and continuously being degraded as a woman. But in spite of it all, she stood up and chose to learn from all those traumatic moments. Not just for herself, but mainly for her daughter Cassandra “Cassie” Mondragon (Francine Diaz).

Growing up being well-loved by her mother, Romina aspires each day to be the best mother for her daughter. And as we have seen in the show, here are some of Romina’s traits that showed how unconditionally she loves Cassie.

She knows how to discipline her daughter

One of the many ways that our parents show their love for their children is through discipline. As Cassie’s mother, Romina makes sure that her daughter is equipped with proper manners and a sense of responsibility. Whenever Cassie needs rectification, Romina is ready to give it to her daughter in a loving manner.

She gives good advice to Cassie

Romina gives the best motherly advice to Cassie. Even in the midst of a competition, she doesn’t put any pressure on Cassie’s shoulders but tells her daughter that maintaining a good character is always what makes anyone prevail.

She is always present in Cassie’s milestones

Despite her busy schedule, Romina makes sure she is always there for Cassie, especially during her daughter’s key milestones in life. In every achievement, she is there as Cassie’s number one cheerleader. She makes it a point that Cassie feels her love and support.

She is truthful and won’t hide anything from Cassie

Romina would not conceal the truth from her daughter, no matter how hurtful it may be. This includes the fact that Cassie was conceived when Romina was raped. Romina would reveal this to Cassie in the most careful manner while assuring her utmost motherly love.

She makes sure to give Cassie some words of affirmation

She is always bold enough to show how much she loves Cassie and also express it right in front of everyone. Romina lets her daughter hear how important she is to her, because she knew that life can be very unpredictable and one can never know when it’s the last time that those kinds of opportunities will come.

She taught Cassie to be humble and contented in life

Romina taught Cassie the essence of humility, hard work, generosity and contentment, while emphasizing that material riches aren’t forever. Thus, Cassie didn’t have any problem leaving their mansion and live the simple life.

She is always ready to protect Cassie at all costs

When it comes to Cassie, Romina really showed that she is always ready to fight anyone who would try to harm her precious daughter. Behind her meekness, she knows how to use her claws and become ferocious to those who would try to hurt her unica hija.

She always encourages Cassie to have an open communication with her

As Cassie goes through self-discovery in her teenage years, Romina makes sure to find the best ways on how to keep an open communication with her. She chooses to understand and respect Cassie’s personal decisions and feelings, but also gives her daughter useful and loving advice as a mother.

Indeed, Romina is the kind of mother that every child might want to have. She isn’t perfect, but she tries to be the best she can be for her daughter who she sees and treats as God’s gift to her.