The Gold Squad gains massive one million YouTube subscribers in just three months
The Gold Squad gains massive one million YouTube subscribers in just three months 1

It’s undeniable that they’re the hottest teen stars today.

And because of their unmistakable charm as a unit and chemistry of their respective pairings despite the intense bickering and confrontations onscreen, the Gold Squad of Kadenang Ginto have drawn irrepressible stans throughout, especially in the online world where the phenomenon continues to burst out.

In so short a time, three months to be exact—from May 22 to August 20—Kadenang Ginto’s young stars Francine Diaz, Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin have indeed struck gold as their collective Gold Squad YouTube channel has reached 1 million subscribers.

Their channel features some wacky set-ups, hilarious challenges, kilig clips, travel vlogs, celeb chats, MVs, and informative roundups of their activities—and truly their fans can’t get enough.

The Gold Squad definitely hit the heart of their followers because of their dedication to their craft, their breathtaking journeys, which made people believe in them and join in their golden ride.  We all are astounded with how their dealt with personal struggles, such as being breadwinners at an early age, and remain determined to succeed in their respective careers in showbiz.

Their sensation is part of the whole afternoon drama’s extraordinary rise in public consciousness—from the actual afternoon TV slot to Internet memes and viral clips. On YouTube, Kadenang Ginto has reached a staggering two billion views. And they’ve all become household names and trending topics online, even in school and in the office. Now, who could not recognize Cassie, Marga, Kristoff or Tupe, and Mikoy—add to them, of course, Romina and Daniela, the warring queens we can’t spend our afternoons without?

They portray their roles so well as they affect and move viewers watching each episode showing the fierce, brutal face-offs, yet balanced by kilig twists and turns. But among the much awaited scenes are those of the Gold Squad—when the initial love triangle between Cassie, Marga and Tupe, became an interesting foursome with Mikoy’s attraction to Marga delightfully complicating the situation. 

And, with Romina and Daniela’s struggle for power and dominance adding to ruckus, viewers are truly eager to know what will happen next in the journeys of each character. Indeed, these actors’ efforts have paid off as it continues its scorching run at the ratings.