SethDrea recalls unforgettable moments together in throwback photos

Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin or SethDrea brought so much thrill and kilig all over again reminiscing their unforgettable moments together in throwback pictures in the segment “Throwback Kahit ‘Di Thursday” on Showbiz Pa More with DJ Jhai Ho.

In the segment, DJ Jhai Ho presented throwback pictures of SethDrea, and the pair would tell the story behind each photo.

The first picture was taken at an airport wherein Andrea was said to have dreamed about Seth being with another girl that admittedly, she said, gave her a bad mood when she woke up from that “nightmare.” She added Seth was actually teasing her when he took that photo. He even made Andrea get angrier when he told her it might happen as he was about to leave for Cavite at that time. During the live chat, Seth asked Andrea if she felt jealous, and the young actress answered a straight yes. DJ Jhai Ho then asked Seth what he would do if a loved one feels jealous and needs reassurance from him. Seth answered he’ll just go to that loved one in person and give flowers.

The next photo was a happy memory where Seth and Andrea were pushing each other in an art museum like kids playing. They looked like they were standing on a 3D art painting of a river stone and SethDrea shared they agreed that whoever “falls” on the 3D painting of the river treats the other one. And Andrea said Seth lost that game and that’s the first time he treated her with fried quail eggs or kwek-kwek.

In the next picture, Seth and Andrea shared it depicted a fun day because it was when they finally had time to bond together with Seth’s friends and sibling. Andrea would recall it was already after Kadenang Ginto.

One of the netizens asked how they came up using “Ali” as their term of endearment. Andrea said she was actually the one who thought of it because she wanted something that meant special for both of them. And she said that “Ali” was short for “Alien” because when they’re together, they have their own world just like what aliens have. And Seth noticed that fans were even giving their own meaning to it which was “Akin Lang Ikaw” and Seth realized it’s actually true - that he only wants Andrea to be with him, to be his love team partner.

The next was a scenic photo of SethDrea in California. They were with Andrea’s mother and their manager in Kadenang Ginto. Andrea shared they really enjoyed their quality time in the US with their loved ones because they were able to roam around malls freely and just be themselves wandering around without anyone recognizing them. She added that Seth even treated her with ice cream and bought stuff for his sibling. It was also the time when Seth accompanied Andrea to a department store for ladies and he couldn’t really act normally because the people around him in that establishment were all women. But he decided to wait for Andrea to finish shopping and it was worth it because the latter admitted she really appreciated his gesture very much.

Watch more of SethDrea looking back at those memorable moments together captured in photos in the “Throwback Kahit ‘Di Thursday” segment of JeepneyTV’s Showbiz Pa More.