KG Online: Romina, Daniela battle in final showdown with “Kabuhayang Ginto”

After six weeks of battling against each other with their own ways of resourcefulness, and clashing about who’s greater, more beautiful, and more “bongga”, Romina, portrayed by Beauty Gonzales and Daniela, played by Dimples Romana, are down to their final showdown in “KG Online” on Online Kapamilya Shows.

They are now battling to see which business idea would reign supreme while helping the viewers set up their own startup businesses so that they can have more sources of income amid the tough situation we all have experienced for the past months.

It started with Romina getting disgusted by a fish head that was sent to her by Daniela. She confronted the queen villain and the latter responded loudly that she actually did not want to scare Romina and added that both she and her daughter Cassie just deserve leftovers like that. But the reason why the fish was involved was because they were up to something “madiskarte” that can help viewers who are in need of more sources of income. And a fish recipe, according to Daniela, is a wise option - it’s something that people will surely consume because it’s cheap and at the same time very healthy.

So Daniela decided to teach everyone how to make tocino but instead of using pork, she used fish as a great substitute having less saturated fat and omega-3. On the other hand, Romina thought it would be a great idea to have a product that would complement Daniela’s fish tocino and that was the side dish atsara, one made from bitter gourd and the other from squash.

After they showed the steps on how to do their suggested recipes, they gave tips and more information that can help the viewers perform better in their businesses in the “Karunungang Ginto” portion.

Daniela said that social media is an important factor in getting wide reach for the product/s that you sell. And to do this effectively, you should consider some important reminders. First, in posting your products on your social media accounts, you should be showing eye-catching pictures so that netizens can be interested and attracted to your products. Second, you can also consider using trending hashtags appropriate for your product, like #foodie or #yummy.

For more tips from the two queens, continue watching this episode of “KG Online,” which is streamed on OKS.abs-cbn.com.