Beauty, Dimples do fun arts and crafts projects with kids on KG Online

They have taught you over the past weeks on beauty regimens, sardine culinary ideas, and basic workout routines, but in this episode Kadenang Ginto, iron ladies Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome and Romina Mondragon will teach something we will cherish since it involves our beloved kids. 

In KG Online’s fourth episode on Wednesday, June 10, Daniela played by Dimples Romana and Romina portrayed by Beauty Gonzalez brought in their artsy skills and creativity into the picture with their respective real-life children on “Kathang Ginto.”

They introduced fun and educational activities on arts and crafts, which parents can do with their kids while staying at home. It is a sure productive and amusing way to forge even stronger bonds with them, while developing and enhancing their creative skills.

Beauty called on her daughter Olivia to work on colorful decorative rugs using old clothes, which they would cut out into small circular pieces then sewn on top of each other. Such rugs can be used for wipe dust or dirt out of furniture or any other personal belongings.

Dimples then asked son Alonzo to join her for their own art project—a big “treasure box” that can be riddled with personal mementos or other materials. A large box can be used to glue old family pictures and magazine cutouts on its cover and sides to exude that personal feel. The finished box can then be used as storage for all your valuable stuff.

In encouraging such arts and crafts activities, Beauty and Dimples laid out important safety reminders for parents while doing these projects with their kids. Beauty emphasized the use of only water-based materials so it can easily wear off when washed and avoiding solvents like aerosols to prevent skin infections on kids.

Dimples, on the other hand, advised to store materials in its original container so that information of its basic ingredients and safe use are always on hand for reference. She also discouraged the use of old art materials, since such are prone to have toxic substances like mercury and lead that could inflict harm.

Watch more of their entertaining and hilarious on-character exchanges and educational and productive art lessons with their cute kids in this episode of “KG Online.”

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