Netizens declare Marga Bartolome as most favorite character in Kadenang Ginto

In spite of her bratty attitude, netizens still chose Marga Bartolome as their favorite character in the most controversial daytime drama series Kadenang Ginto as what the results of the fun poll recently launched on Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com revealed. Compared to the three other candidates, namely Cassie Mondragon, Romina Mondaragon, and Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome, she got the highest percentage of votes.

As the character who is most likely to get all the hate in the show, Daniela got the lowest score of 11.44% of votes. Portrayed by the versatile actress Dimples Romana, she appears as the main antagonist in the show. Seeing Romina as her rival in love, family, and in her father’s wealth, Daniela is living up to her vow of making Romina’s life miserable as hell.

Meanwhile, the kindhearted Romina gained a total of 13.75% votes, making her the third favorite character in the show. Giving life to her character is the seasoned actress Beauty Gonzalez. She is the main protagonist, who showed us how to righteously fight and stand on every struggle that life brings. Romina always seeks kindness and does the right thing while also fighting Daniela who wouldn’t stop destroying her life.

Hailed as the second favorite character in the show for having 20.67% of votes is Cassie, played by rising star Francine Diaz. As the only child of Romina, she grew up having full of love from her family. She is a loving daughter, a virtuous person towards others, a diligent student, and a strong and kindhearted young lady who has let the hardest trials strengthen her just like her mother.

Finally, among the four main ladies of Kadenang Ginto, Marga was hailed as the most favorite character as she garnered 54.14% of votes. Played by the beautiful and talented former child actress Andrea Brillantes, Marga is a teenage girl who always claims to be the “queen” in every situation. She likes to be on top due to the pressure that her mother has inflicted on her. And although she really gets into the nerve of the audiences, she is also a pitiful lady who has been a victim of her mother’s vengeful heart. She developed a bratty attitude because of growing up lacking the proper attention that she needed from her family.

With the growing conflict that builds up among these four smart, beautiful, and feisty ladies who are all giving a good fight for love and family, intense clashes and jaw-dropping scenes are sure to come in the upcoming episodes of the highly-talked about soap opera.

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