Kapamilya Confessions with Andrea and Francine

Among some of the industry’s veterans, they are two gals that have managed to shine on their own. Some viewers of Kadenang Ginto might even agree that they are scene-stealers. Without a doubt, they are already ahead of other artists from their generation. So, what is life like as actresses at their young age?

Andrea Brillantes shared that she has grown more comfortable being the kontrabida. It can be exhausting at times. “Kasi ang taray ko. Lagi akong sumisigaw,” she explained. More importantly, it is never easy to hurt someone. Despite this, it has also been fun for her to be Marga. Meanwhile, Francine Diaz feels that this project is her biggest blessing rather than a big break in her career. As Cassie, she always has to be energetic and positive in front of the camera which can be a challenge, especially when she feels sleepy.

If they could, Francine would love to work with Marlo Mortel in the future. He is one actor that she greatly admires because of a story she read online that greatly resembles him. On the other hand, Andrea might have trouble collaborating with her crush because he is but a drawing. So, if she had super powers, she wants the ability to bring drawings to life. That way Naruto Uzumaki from the anime series Naruto to star alongside her.

Aside from being actresses, there are other career paths they are willing to try for free. Andrea is willing to dub an anime. Other than that, there is also being a maid or the make-up artist to her favorite celebrities namely Beyonce or Kylie Jenner. As for Francine, she is would volunteer to be in charge of PR for her favorite K-Pop boy groups.

These two girls are friends now, but it turns out, they have been seeing each other since way before. They used to pass each other but did not really spoke. “Kasi nahihiya talaga ko bumati sa mga taong nakikita ko,” Francine admitted.

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