REVIEW: How Kadenang Ginto solidly debuted and fascinatingly shone in pilot week

Just on its first five episodes, Kadenang Ginto immediately struck us right to the core with its intense and cathartic scenes that proved how it’s definitely going to be one of the most precious teleseryes we’re going to lay our eyes on or allot our viewing time every siesta.

We may perceive it as similar to the other dramas we have seen before, as it involves sibling rivalry and complicated love stories, but it possesses certain factors that will make it still standout and truly worth the watch.

Dimples Romana’s kontrabida stint

We’ve known Dimples for her characters as a supportive best friend, loving sister, and nurturing mother in the past teleseryes she starred in, not to mention her most recent and talked about sagacious role in the fantasy series Bagani as Babaylan Gloria. Thus, we’re all enthralled when it was revealed that she’s going to be the main antagonist in this afternoon drama – a totally different feat for her.

She was introduced as Daniela, the spoiled lone heiress of a canned fish company who harbors hatred against his phlegmatic dad Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez) and his dutiful secretary-turned-life partner Romina (Beauty Gonzalez). Behind her pleasant façade hides a scheming and selfish woman who was the root cause of the undesirable twists and the problems in the narrative.

Her effectiveness as a kontrabida not only enrages the people around her, but is also able to purge the emotions of the audiences who started watching it every afternoon.

Impeccable acting

It’s not only Dimples who exuded incredible performance, but the rest of the ensemble as well – from the headliners up to the supporting cast.

Albert Martinez never fails to wow us with his brilliance in every character that he portrays. He may be already at his 50s, but he still has that certain that makes him complement well with every leading lady who will be paired with him and thrill us with his appearance, just like how he does it as Robert.

The same goes with Adrian Alandy whose screen name may have changed but his consistent acting prowess proves how he remains as one of the bankable actors in the country.

Meanwhile, Beauty Gonzalez once again succeeded in touching our hearts with another compelling portrayal that will certainly go down in history.

Despite only having a special participation in Kadenang Ginto, Eula Valdez and Eric Fructuoso truly left indelible marks in our minds for they were able to take on the roles given to them with utmost excellence – as a doting mother and a notorious lovelorn lover, respectively.

Of course, the supporting ensemble’s performances should not be overlooked as they do a great job in adding flavor to the story.

Heart-rending, scorching scenes

The Kapamilya teleseryes are known for being great when it comes to flawless executions of emotionally evocative scenes that would truly strike us straight to the heart – may it be drama or action.

Well, Kadenang Ginto promises to offer plenty, as what we have observed right on its pilot week.

Seemingly, every episode will not be complete without tear-jerking or heart-tugging moments, such as when Romina got dumped by Carlos on their wedding day and the sudden death of Eula Valdez’s character, where we’re able to witness the fascinating performance of Beauty Gonzalez.

Besides, who would miss the intense, and sometimes subliminal, confrontations between Romina and Daniela, like what happened during the company party? Absolutely gripping!

Watch out for more fiery episodes of Kadenang Ginto, weekdays after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Gold.