8 endearing times Robert proved that he’s the best daddy for Cassie in Kadenang Ginto

Short but sweet.

The length of time they had spent with one another might be short and truly not enough for all the moments that they could have shared together, but we are certain that those times are absolutely well-spent and filled with memories that Cassie (Francine Diaz) would cherish as long as she lives.

She once had the kind of family everyone are arguably yearning to have – happy, complete, affectionate, and well-off – but everything crumbled down for her and her mom Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) after his unforeseen demise due to a tragic chopper accident.

They may be no longer together now, but Cassie surely still keeps in her heart and mind the fun and touching moments they shared and the learnings she got from her daddy especially that the celebration of Father’s Day this year is just around the corner, such as what we have listed in this feature.

He believed in what she can do

There’s definitely nothing more elating than to know how your loved-ones enormously believes in your capabilities and unwaveringly supports you as you reach your goals.

In her pursuit of making her beloved parents extra proud of her, not to mention to be closer to her niece Marga (Andrea Brillantes), expressed her desire to pursue senior high school at the prestigious Maxwell International School. It might going to be a bold move that made Romina initially hesitant, but Robert firmly trusted that their unica hija would excel not only academically, but socially as well.

He gave her sound pieces of advice

In every home, quarrels among members are highly inevitable. And instead of taking sides or berating the one at fault, Robert opted to mend disputes in a diplomatic way, just like what he did when the two loves of his life had a tiff.

Instead of scolding Cassie for her impolite retort to her mom, he patiently explained to her where Romina might be coming from and the probable reason why she’d been overprotective of her. He told her that after all, it’s still wrong to talk back to her mom and to think ill about her decisions for her.

He reminded her as well that what the world says about her would never be necessary because what matters most is how she defines and looks at herself.

He made efforts in reaching out to her

Robert showed us that being a parent is never an excuse to not humble down and accept that there are instances that he could be the one at fault.

As they’re in the midst of a mix-up, he exuded an effort to display how apologetic he was of Cassie by preparing her favorite food. And his peace offering worked as they’re able to mend their rift and get back on how they used to be – teasing and joyful with each other’s company.

He consoled her during her down moments

Upon hearing the snide remarks her Ate Daniela (Dimples Romana) hurled at her, Cassie couldn’t help but to feel low. Thankfully, her dad was there to empower her through his words of encouragement. He told her that regardless of what other people would say and what would happen, she should ingrain on her mind that nothing’s going to change with their relationship – he would always be his daughter and he would always want the best for her.

He reminds her of her true value

As her self-esteem continued to hit all-time low because of the issue they’re facing then, Robert didn’t allow her to remain dispirited particularly on her special day. Thus, as a picker-upper, he handed her a set of dainty gold accessories that he wanted her to wear on her birthday celebration. According to him, that was his way of reminding her how precious she is to him and that she would always be his princess.

He also begged her to understand that whatever he’s doing is just his way of protecting her from everything that could harm her.

He knew how to cheer her up

With another trouble that came to their family after she and Marga got kidnapped, Cassie remained crestfallen. So in order to put the smile back on her lips and make her light-hearted again, Robert took out his strongest weapon – ice cream! Just the mention of it and its sweetness could surely kiss anyone’s blues away, right?

He’s extremely proud of her

With the issue of her not being a real Mondragon continued to take a toll on her, there’s really nothing more delighting than to hear how proud Robert was to present her to everyone as her own daughter and to express how blessed he was to be her father. He also thankful that through her, he was given the chance to be a dad again and to start anew.

He loves her so much

Among the ones in this list, this could be the most tear-jerking and heartwarming moment of this admirable father-daughter tandem.

As Romina’s rape case continued to take a toll on their relationship, Robert chose to leave the mansion temporarily in order for them to breathe and reflect and to avoid any unforeseen circumstance that might negatively affect not only them, but Cassie the most. Cooling off was their way of saving their marriage and their little family.

We might not have been able to see more endearing moments between Cassie and Robert in Kadenang Ginto, but we hope that the lessons their lovely father-daughter bond has taught us be radiated in real life. Happy Father’s Day!