7 times the stars of Kadenang Ginto showed how to fight and win battles in life

In its seven months of airing, Kadenang Ginto has undeniably been undisputed on the afternoon timeslot as proven by the show’s high ratings and being a trending topic across various social media platforms.

However, the well-loved teleserye isn't only about the intense catfights and confrontations among the lead characters, as it has also ingrained to the minds of the viewers valuable lessons that we can apply to and relate with our lives as well, such as being firm in facing troubles that will come our way and staying strong amid challenges. Let these video clips exhibit how the Kadenang Ginto characters showcase these admirable attitudes.

From being his executive secretary and later on became his wife, Robert (Albert Martinez) promoted Romina (Beauty Gonzales) to be the Vice President for Operations of the company he established alongside his late spouse. The latter was still in disbelief when the position was bequeathed to her, but the former told her that she indeed deserves it because of her hard work and significant contributions to the company.

Of course, this promotion was met with criticisms from the members of the board and other stakeholders who questioned her capabilities and believed that she just obtained it because she’s the wife of Robert. But Romina wasn’t alone in this battle of proving herself because their workers got her back!

Berated by her parents for coming home late without permission and worse, spending all that time shopping with her Lolo Dad Robert, Marga (Andrea Brillantes) found the right opportunity to express her disgust over Daniela (Dimples Romana) and Carlos (Adrian Alandy) for not fulfilling their promise of showing up at their class’ homeroom meeting that day. She claimed that their absence caused her to feel and look like a total loser and have the impression that they really don’t care about her anymore. 

Besides, she imparted as well how she felt bad for letting herself believe their insinuations that her Lolo Dad was a bad person and how envious she was to see how Robert really assures to make time for Cassie (Francince Diaz) despite being busy at work.

As she assumed her new role, there were still people in the company who apparently couldn’t accept that Romina was entrusted the crucial job of overseeing the operations of the company. 

There was an assertion by Mrs. Galvez during their meeting that they’re already wasting money since the sales had hit all-time low in spite of the efforts of Romina, who refuted it by indicating the results of their sales report. Mrs. Galvez went on to insult her afterwards by telling her that she’s just doing her job for the sake of acing the competition and even compared her to Robert’s deceased wife Camila. Certainly, Romina didn’t let herself be the underdog and came up with a ferocious clapback that made Mrs. Galvez shut her mouth.

Ever since the beginning, Marga’s presence has been like a bad omen because a catfight or a fiery exchange is expected to ensue every time she’s around. And this prediction seemingly has not failed yet, just like in this scene where she suddenly picked a fight with Cassie, who was then happily playing with her friends. She relentlessly called the latter a “fake Mondragon” and pushed her when she opted not to retaliate and simply walk away, which erupted to their quarrel. 

Marga lied to their teacher who responded on the scene, telling him that it was Cassie who started it. But the latter mustered the courage to defend herself and exposed how Marga ruthlessly bullied not only her, but the students at school as well. Cassie even encouraged the other victims to speak up, to which they heeded, that made Marga really appalled.

With the tragic demise of their patriarch that truly made her mom Romina depressed, Cassie chose to remain strong and sane in order for her to support and take care of her as they mourn. She attempted to divert her attention by offering her help in the household chores, which her Nana declined and advised her to not suppress the pain and sadness that she genuinely felt on that moment.

Making their situation more agonizing that time was Romina’s imprisonment due to Daniela’s accusations of her being the primary suspect to the death of Robert. This forced Cassie to live with Daniela and Marga, who made her everyday life miserable by hurting her and turning her into a house helper. But despite the plight that they’re living in, Romina and Cassie had remained resilient and optimistic that they would overcome it.

As soon as she got emancipated, Romina immediately came to the rescue of their company’s workers who were illegally laid-off by Daniela. She raised the questionable dismissal to the government agency handling it that left her rival dumbfounded and heeded to what the representative requested her to do to avoid legal issues. Romina won again!

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