How Romina showed her unconditional love for Cassie in Kadenang Ginto

Romina Mondragon (Beauty Gonzalez) is no one but a loving and caring mother to Cassie (Francine Diaz). She would do anything just to be with her daughter and to keep her safe always. When Romina was hauled into jail because of false accusations against her, it became the worst ordeal she and Cassie faced. Romina was framed up for murdering her husband, Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez), and was later charged with parricide.

She did not let herself stay in the prison forever so she did everything and prepared for her comeback, after she was released due to an approved court settlement. She did not only work for her physical strength but she also made sure she was emotionally and mentally strong, so that no one again will ever belittle and abuse her and Cassie.

She would also not let anything or anyone hinder her and Cassie from living a good and peaceful life. Even though she knows Daniela and Marga are huge enemies, Romina would not just give up. Instead, she would stand for what she thinks is right and what she thinks they deserve.

Romina is also a strict parent, but that does not mean she just does not want to give Cassie the freedom to do what she likes. Instead, she truly cares for her daughter and merely wants what’s good for her. One time, Cassie drank a lot during a party with her friends and so she got a hangover the day after. Romina was so worried, thinking what if there was something bad that could’ve happened to Cassie. That is why she disciplined Cassie by setting rules for her safety, such as a curfew.

Romina embodies an ideal parent who would do anything to protect and nurture her child, and support and strengthen her in the midst of terrible hardship. She indeed shows a good example of how parents should treat their children.

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