Family moments that touched our hearts in Kadenang Ginto

Being known for having intense confrontations, which often leads to catfights, it can be so hard to recall when Kadenang Ginto had a light and festive scene. Nevertheless, blissful scenes really took place in the show. This is because no matter how big their differences are, the characters in the hit teleserye are still related to each other. And families will always be significant to each other at the end of the day.

Thus, let us look back on some of the most golden moments that touched our hearts in Kadenang Ginto.

1. Cassie and Marga’s Graduation

2. Christmas Celebration

As a certified family man, Robert (Albert Martinez) didn’t stop until he found a way to make everyone in his family present at his home for the Christmas celebration. Upon learning that Daniela (Dimples Romana) won’t make it because they chose to spend the holiday with her husband Carlos’ (Adrian Alandy) family, Robert called Carlos’ father to make everyone come to the mansion. Thus, the Mondragons and the Bartolomes had a one big feast at Robert’s mansion.

3. Robert and Romina’s Reconciliation

After being upset with each other for quite a while, Robert and Romina (Beauty Gonzales) reconciled with the help of their loving daughter Cassie. To express his sincere apology, Robert asked Cassie’s help to arrange a sweet surprise for Romina.

4. Cassie and Marga’s Sweet Sixteen

For Cassie and Marga’s 16th birthday, their families arranged a sweet sixteen party for them. Everyone came to celebrate their special day with them, including their friends. And of course, both Cassie and Marga’s parents gave heartfelt messages, which is one of the highlights in the program of their birthday celebration.

5. Carlos and Daniela’s Reconciliation

Realizing that their discordant relationship is having a great toll in the life of their daughter Marga, Carlos and Daniela both agreed to work out their differences and spend more time with their daughter. They knew that having some quality time together will make a big difference in Marga’s well-being.

6. Family Vacation Trip

Due to their plans to move to another country, Robert arranged a family vacation that includes not just the Mondragons but also the Bartolomes. He also invited Kristoff (Kyle Echarri) and his father Bernard Tejada (Arnold Reyes), who are both close to the Mondragon family.