REVIEW: Beauty, Francine break hearts, astound viewers with intense dramatic performance in #KGKagustuhan

Kadenang Ginto’s November 18 episode titled #KGKagustuhan made it to the top spot of the most trending topics on Twitter as netizens couldn’t help but gush over the astounding performances of lead stars Beauty Gonzalez and Francine Diaz in arguably the most climactic and heaviest episode of the afternoon soap opera to date.

What was supposed to be a happy and magical day for the Mondragons turned out to be the darkest and most heartbreaking day for them as Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) finally found out the painful truth behind her rape many years ago on the very day of her grand wedding with husband Robert (Albert Martinez).

While avid viewers already knew that it was really Robert who’s the real culprit and his daughter Daniela (Dimples Romana) had been covering up his father’s crime, Romina remained clueless, and even got deceived, in her pursuit of seeking justice for herself, until the clues that once led her to the truth emerged again, affirming that it was indeed the man she unconditionally loved through the years who was her rapist.

It began with cufflinks, which were initially presented to her as evidence found at the crime scene. She shrugged the thought off when he saw Robert affixing one to his long-sleeved shirt, but got uneasy after Cassie (Francine Diaz) handed to her another one with the same design. She then received a phone call from Hector (Joko Diaz) confessing that the reason why Daniela kidnapped Alvin (Eric Fructuoso) was his knowledge about and involvement in the crime.

Afterwards, Mang Kulas (Ronnie Lazaro) stormed into the mansion to confront her about Jessa’s (Sheree Bautista) death and their missing offspring, which totally angered her. Making matters worse was the arrival of an email confirming that the DNA samples of Cassie and Robert she sent to the laboratory matched.

These slew of shocking revelations that simultaneously got unraveled made Romina break down in deep anguish and anger as she found it difficult to accept what she just learned. Oblivious of what was going on, all that Cassie could do was cry as she watched her mom and consoled her until she felt better. Romina later on relayed the heartbreaking news to her daughter, who was also in disbelief that the kind and doting man whom she calls her dad is a criminal.

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Romina vowed that that was going to be the last time that they’re going to cry over Robert and they would not let this unfortunate event taint their reputation.

With the compelling performance and dramatic prowess that both Beauty and Francine exuded in the episode, netizens on Twitter imparted how the actresses’ astonishing performances moved them and made them admire even more. One even expressed how excited he is to see how Romina will plot her revenge. Here are some of the netizens’ reactions: