Magandang Buhay Momshies Share Their Favorite Bonding Activities with Kids

Magandang Buhay Momshies Share Their Favorite Bonding Activities with Kids

Over the holidays, our dear Momshies shared their favorite bonding activities they do with their kids at home. Momshie Karla, Jolina and Melai all agree that even on busy days parents can always make time for their little ones. It doesn’t even have to be complicated! What is more important is the time spent together.

Arts and Crafts with Momshie Jolens, Pele and Vika

Did you know that doing simple arts and crafts projects with our kids (especially the young ones) can actually provide an outlet for them to express their thoughts and feelings? This is actually even more helpful to the little ones who are able to verbalize their emotions!

Meal Prep with Momshie Karla, Jordan and Daniela

Pre-mealtime is a great bonding activity as much as mealtime. Momshie Karla believes that we can make memorable moments with our kids in the kitchen too! In fact, when we involve kids in meal preparation, we also are encouraging family bonding and togetherness. It may take a bit more time to do things, but the memories we make of it are all worth it!

Playtime with Momshie Melai, Stella and Mela

Now that our kids are always home, active time is even more important! Playing with our kids gives parents an opportunity to be seen by their kids in a different light. Less of an authority and more of an ally. Parents can also take this opportunity to develop skills like improving gross motor skills, memory and even regulating emotions.