LOL Moments with Team YeY: Galaw Go Bloopers

Laugh Out Loud Moments with Team YeY: Galaw Go Bloopers

It’s always fun to learn and play with our favorite Team YeY barkada. But, there's a lot more fun behind what you see in the regular episodes! In this article we have compiled hilarious moments that transpired during the taping of your most loved Galaw Go episodes.

Let's see the fun and funny moments and enjoy more of Team Yey!

Galaw Go: DanceSport Bloopers

Sometimes, in dance we tumble but there are instances that we...fumble!

Galaw Go: HipHop Bloopers

We get more active fun when cool-itan takes over cool moves!

Galaw Go: Hiplet Bloopers

Let's see what happened behind the scenes when our Galaw Go dance crew faced off with ballet dancers! Step it up!