International Friendship Day


International Friendship Day


          Celebrating friendships through simple things like chatting, playing with your favorite games online and watching your favorite shows together is priceless! Not being together does not mean friendship is over! Friendship and connections are synonymous with finding ways to bond, despite space and distance.


         Just love kids and Iwant TFC have a put together a parent-approved playlist that kids can watch and enjoy with their friends online.


1. Kongsuni and Friends Episode 13 and Episode 14 (click here to watch full episode)

Kongsuni accidentally drop the ring of her mom,  she seeks for Seyo’s help. Kongsuni and friends will take you to their exciting adventure as they try to get the special ring. Would they be able to get it? 

International Friendship Day 1


2. Masha and the Bear (click here to watch full episode)

How they met? Masha walks into the forest where she finds Bear’s house. Masha intrude to the house and make some things into disorder. Upon the return of the bear from the fishing, he discovers the disaster that created by the little girl. The bear trying to get rid of Masha and tried to left her in the forest.

International Friendship Day 2


3. Team YeY Season 4 StorYeY Anino  (click here to watch full episode)

Yesha, Erika and Santino do shadow play and they told the story of Pagong and matsing though shadow puppets.

International Friendship Day 3


4. Jet and the Pet Rangers (click here to watch full episode)

Join the adventure of jet together with his pet heroes as they go altogether to rescue animals in need.

International Friendship Day 4