International Dog Day

International Dog Day

Celebrity Kids got together with their cute canines


               Dogs are considered man’s best friend! It is amazing how much love and laughter dogs can bring into our lives! As we celebrate our fur babies day, Just Love Kids picks some adorable moments of celebrity kids with different canine favorites so we can all gush in cuteness.


  1. Know more about Luna, the fur baby of the king of hearts, Daniel Padilla with Pop Baby Jordan.


  1. Bibong Child Wonder Alonzo Muhlach and other kids get to meet and socialize with various dog breeds.


  1. Our team yey barkada, Pipay will show you how she takes care of their family pet, Flairy. 


  1. Marco Masa also known as Amazing Bert in Goin’ Bulilit  gives us some laughing out loud moments on  how dogs getting along with other animals!


  1. Let’s sing and dance with Mela, Pele and Jordan together with their newest member of pop babies B-I-N-G-O!


Have a happy woof day! Stay PAWsitive!