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Girl Power: Girls Can Be Whoever They Want To Be  


The essence of ‘Girl Power’ lies in every woman’s ability to explore endless possibilities and never feel confined by limitations on what she can achieve. It is also showcased in their ability to bring positive change not just for themselves, but also for others.Thus, empowered women do not conform to fixed images. They can be mothers, leaders, farmers, scientists, athletes, and more. 


To celebrate this year’s Women’s Month, let’s inspire our girls to identify and explore where their power lies. Here’s a list of characters and real-life individuals who have shown that women are empowered when they traverse their own path and be the person they want to be.  


1. Patpat (Basketball Player) 

Unlike in Planet Mingming, where aspirations are constrained, Barangay Hiraya allows boundless opportunities for dreaming big. Take Patpat, for example; despite competing against significantly taller male opponents, she aspires to become a standout basketball player. Rather than letting these challenges discourage her, she powers through to achieve her dream and eventually claims her sweet victory. Are your kids into sports? 

Watch Patpat shooting her shot on the basketball court in this episode of Heneral Tuna: 


2. Dolores Ramirez (Scientist) 

Known as 'Mother Cell' among those she mentored, Dolores Ramirez nurtured the fields of plant breeding and genetics in the local setting, empowering the scientific community and agricultural sector in the Philippines. Dr. Ramirez earned various awards and distinctions, the most notable of which was being named National Scientist of the Philippines in 1998. 

Know more about her with your aspiring little scientists in this Knowledge Factory video: 


3. Maganda (Farmer) 

Maganda, a famous character in Filipino stories, symbolizes both beauty, femininity, and cultural richness, including traditions and hospitality. Yet, in this Alikabuk episode, Maganda eagerly offers to help Malakas on the farm, asserting her ability to contribute effectively in an activity typically set for men.  

Break social conventions by watching this version of Maganda in this Alikabuk episode! 


4. Rose (Working Mother) 

Being a mother is one thing, but working while being one is another challenge altogether. Rose is struggling to find the balance between work and being a mom to her newborn child. But because of her willpower to foster a better relationship with her child and to become a better mother, Rose actively seeks out ways to strengthen their bond. 

This one's for you, supermom! Watch this mother’s journey in this episode of I Love You 1000: 


5. Josefa Llanes Escoda (Leader) 

You may know her as the woman on the one-thousand peso bill, but Josefa Llanes Escoda was also notable for her many contributions to the Philippines. She was a social worker, the founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, a suffragist, and a freedom fighter, to name a few. She is an embodiment of a woman, capable of achieving much beyond societal expectations. 

See how Josefa showed women’s power in the middle of the war in this Bayani episode:  



All these great women, however different they are, showed us that women have the power to shape their own destiny and be who they want to be. May our girls grow up embracing their uniqueness, and equipped with the strength and confidence to reach for their dreams! 


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