EARTH DAY 2021: 5 Bida Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


5 Bida Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Every April, we have one special day marked to celebrate EARTH DAY. It is our yearly reminder to take better care of the planet, we all call our home. But this is not the one and only time we can do this. In fact, every day and in our own little ways, we can make sure that we take good care of our planet.

Here are some activities that we can do this week (and any day of the year) that can inspire each one of us to care and protect our environment!

Team YeY Timeout : Vertical Gardening

Plants naturally clean the air and the ground. Plants in our home or garden serves more than just mere decoration, it actually creates a healthy space and help reduce carbon footprint.

KKK Junk Art

There’s so much waste produced every single day. Sadly, not all of it are collected and recycled. Almost half of the total waste produced each day remains scattered around us. Here’s an idea of what we can do to minimize the junk in our surroundings:

TYTO Recycled Dolls

Arts and crafts activities can be more meaningful when we can turn things that are to be thrown away into something new and beautiful. This way we can be creatively responsible!

Sunday Funday - Kalikasan Games: Climate Change 

Let’s get off our couches, put down our electronic devices, get out and play. This is one of the best things we can also do to celebrate Earth Day!

Soundcheck: Environmental Songs

We can also take time to sing under the sun or the stars….and let these songs remind us that we need to care for our world!


Yes, we we can BIDA BEST EVERY DAY for planet earth!