Cats as part of the fam!

Cats as part of the fam!


          Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world! From being cute and fluffy, they are also playful, gentle, and sweet, which is why they are good companions for your kids. But aside from the play stuff, having a cat around the household can also teach your kids to be patient, to have some sense of responsibility, and to develop genuine love and care for animals.


          As we celebrate the International Cat Day this August, one way of showing love to our feline friends is through watching some cat-themed videos that could help you and your kids learn more about them!


Here’s a short briefer about CATS.


Then watch and listen to some stories where CATS are the stars!



And if CATS inspire your kids to play dress-up, you can DIY their costumes while referring to this video.



If homes are open for some feline-love, cats can be purrr-fect family members too. Happy International Cat Day!