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Bayani on your Money: 3 Revolutionary Heroes in the Philippine Currency

Though they have gone a long time ago,our country's heroes will remain not just in our hearts, but even inside our pockets!

This National Heroes Day, let's celebrate the countless efforts of three (3) courageous heroes that we encounter almost every day as– they who have been memorialized in our currencies. Their contributions and legacy provide a lasting impact to our country’s development and identity.


1.  Jose Rizal, a worthy presence on the 1-peso coin


Contrary to popular belief, Jose Rizal was never declared a national hero. However, his invaluable contributions to the attainment of our liberty, including his involvement in the propaganda movement and his authorship of “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” which inspired the Philippine Revolution, has led many people to believe so. His patriotism and intellectual and artistic achievements earned him a place in the 1-peso coin, a denomination exchanged more frequently and is more familiar with Filipinos from different walks of life. 

Rizal’s image on our peso, imparts a resounding call not only to remember, but to emulate his brand of heroism. By weilding a pen, he fostered profound change by advocating for education, social justice and national unity.


2. Andres Bonifacio, the 5-peso coin’s fearless icon


Known as one of the founding fathers of the Katipunan, Gat Andres Bonifacio fearlessly led numerous uprisings against the Spanish government, paving the way for grander revolts that eventually led to our independence. Born into a financially-challenged family, he personally witnessed the harsh day-to-day realities endured by Filipinos under the Spanish rule. These injustices, which were underscored in the novels of Rizal, fueled his unwavering commitment to liberate his countrymen, regardless of the sacrifices required.

Bonifacio’s indelible legacy, commemorated on our 5-peso coin, serves as a stark reminder of the inherent bravery within each one of us. Moreover, it presents a compelling challenge to take hold of that bravery and stand up for what is right amidst the difficulties that abound.


3. Apolinario Mabini, the 10-peso coin’s inspiring hero

Before Jose Rizal received the honor of gracing the 1-peso coin, it was Apolinario Mabini who appeared on what was then a 1-peso note. Only in 1969 was Rizal’s image fixed to the peso and Mabini’s image transposed to the 10-peso coin. Despite these changes, Mabini's presence was kept to inspire generations with his remarkable story.

Regarded as the "brain of the revolution," Mabini played a pivotal role in our history by sharing his exceptional knowledge and tactical skills with our revolutionary government. Although he was unable to fight on the frontlines due to his physical condition, he made the most of what he could offer, becoming an indispensable chief adviser to General Emilio Aguinaldo. He stands as a testament that we can surpass perceived limits when truly committed in performing heroic deeds.

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